Key takeaways

  • Choosing a strategic long-term partner demands a thoughtful examination that goes beyond offerings and price into the vendor DNA
  • An organization’s values and its translation into thought, action and resolution are key indicators of its authenticity
  • IndusSME’s customer mindset arises from a strong internal culture of trust, curiosity and constant learning

In our last blog, we talked about 2022 trends and what it means to our customers and us. It also feels like the right time to talk about something else that is equally important for customer success and resilience: values and authenticity.

When there are two seemingly identical companies of similar size, products and price points that address the same marketplace, would you consider these vendors interchangeable? How do you evaluate vendor offerings and fit vis-à-vis the tangible and intangible value derived? Most importantly, which vendor will be the most effective long-term partner for you?

It ultimately comes down to not just how we work but also why we work. For our team, it is all about the customer mindset. Customers are our raison d’etre: we are in business for our customers, and it is at the core of everything we do. We earn our customers’ trust from doing what’s best of them and not for us, which in turn lays the foundation for long-term, mutually beneficial client partnerships.

Fostering a customer mindset compels us to build an internal culture that values authenticity and trust, rewards curiosity and innovation, and encourages learning and personal development. This also allows a dynamic assessment of where we are as an organization and how we should evolve continually to add value as a partner.

So, to answer our earlier question – the difference between seemingly identical companies boils down to their core values, which is the true organizational brand. Finding a partner whose values mirror yours will go a long way in ensuring engagement success.

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