Convert challenges into opportunities

Understanding the technological advances that are transforming our work, homes, communities and society at large can help SME carve a stable and profitable future.

Work and workforce has changed.

Working remotely and outsourcing has become common and have proved to be a boon during the COVID-19 crisis. There are more working women than ever before and need greater work-life balance.  Work boundaries are blurring thanks to technology that allows us to work at any time, any place and on any device.

Technology is a game changer.

Successful companies flourish and withstand change because they understand the power of technology. They exploit it effectively to improve operations, increase revenues, deepen customer relationships, create new opportunities and empower employees.

Resilience is the key to stability.

Weathering rapid change requires inbuilt flexibility of our team associates, work styles, and thinking. Organizations must be designed for resilience, not just efficiency. This will not only ensure longevity but also foster innovation.

why the startup-to-midsized enterprise (sme) sector matters

The startup-to-midsized enterprise (SME) sector is the backbone of our economy and is critical for growth, job creation, and innovation. Per the Office of the US Trade Representative (OUSTR), 30 million SMEs account for nearly two-thirds of net new private sector jobs in recent decades. Of this, startups alone accounted for nearly 3 million jobs between 1994–2021* as reported by Statista, contributing significantly to innovation, job creation, and accelerated learnings in our economy. Mid-sized enterprises are a vital sector, marrying the dynamism of smaller organizations to the economies of scale of large corporations.

Yet, these organizations are disproportionately impacted by market changes, economic downturns, and catastrophic events like the current Covid-19 crisis. Additionally, they can be tied down by internal constraints such as inadequate resources, knowledge gaps, partial competencies and limited access to the latest technologies. As a result of these pressures, these organizations are unable to compete effectively when it comes to market entry, product launch, and profit maximization.

* Jobs created by start-up businesses that were less than one year old in the United States from 1994-2020

This (Covid-19) crisis is forcing anything which can digitize, to digitize.

US Chamber of Commerce 2020 quoting Joe McDonnell, head of WGSN Insight

32% of organizations are replacing full-time employees with contingent workers… It’s critical …to understand that large-scale shifts are changing how people work and how business gets done.

Brian Kropp, Distinguished VP, Gartner, June 2020

HOW Indussme can help grow and transform your business

IndusSME offerings are designed around two core principles: first, give our SME customers, the big company technology advantages; second, boost their agility and innovation to help them compete successfully.

Our philosophy led us to craft custom solutions for our customer base: businesses with 2000 employees or less, or annual revenues of USD 2B, or managed assets of USD 10B.

We transform and accelerate your business with financial, technology and cybersecurity services based on intuitive solutions, business and technical expertise, and guaranteed results. We go beyond consulting strategy and prescriptive advice to flawless implementation and on time delivery.

But it is not just about offerings and technology. At IndusSME, it is also about how we get it done. We are a customer-for-life organization. Our people are experienced and committed professionals, who are deeply invested in getting the best client outcomes in a timely manner with the minimum of disruption to their teams.

Our customers enjoy rapid results through higher levels of operational efficiency, infusion of the latest technology and resources in most-needed areas, and, very importantly, cost savings from day one.


We forecast that 25-30% of the U.S. workforce will be working-from-home one or more days a week after the pandemic.

Kate Lister
Global Workplace Analytics 2022


  • Access expertise in business, operations, technology and security
  • Boost agility by leveraging internal and external resources
  • Ensure safety of data, customers and employees
  • Increase focus on innovation
  • Improve speed to market with better processes and intelligence
  • Realize cost savings from day one

AI will power 95% of customer interactions by 2025.

Finance Digest quoting

How to choose a partner 

Partnering with the right technology vendor is critical to the success for your project. Here are the questions you need to ask your prospective partner:

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