One of the greatest pain points for our clients is technology: the sheer variety of available solutions, understanding how they work and their relative advantages, the manpower needed to deploy, maintain and manage can overwhelm many organizations, leading to inaction and maintaining status quo.

Our technology services are tailored specifically to empower our customers. We assess, analyze, advise and deploy technology that will enhance and modernize your business rapidly.



While digitalization has become essential for today’s businesses, many organizations are wary of the time, cost and effort needed to undertake this endeavor. IndusSME has designed an array of solutions to help our customers navigate the digital world, no matter where they are on the adoption curve.


Migration to a digital data and access environment with website and mobile apps, conversion to digital/online processes and cloud deployment.


Integration of processes, technologies and systems within a sound security framework with APIs to merge disparate software applications; micro-services, automation and RPA; and intelligent interfaces and smart workflows for greater efficiency and performance


Automation with custom solutions using data analytics, AI, machine learning and others to power digital transformation and resiliency.

  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Transition to digital mode with minimal disruption
  • Exploit technology to grow your business, customers and people
  • Future proof your organization
  • Leverage our large company experience

* savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

application Development services

For most organizations, whether startups or mid-sized companies, the single greatest problem they face is conversion. How does one take a visionary idea or brilliant feature and convert it into a viable product and market launch in a reasonable amount of time? It usually requires three things – outstanding talent, the correct technology, and effective execution.

IndusSME can help with all three pressing needs. We augment your staff with our skilled technical and product resources, apply our technical/corporate expertise to create market-winning product maps and equip you with the right combination of technology, tools and processes to deliver successful products and offerings.

What we Offer
  • Deliver an optimal blend of people skills, technology and workflows to accelerate product development and commercialization
  • Align product and core capabilities with market trends for a clear, workable roadmap
  • Provide guidance and execution support to resolve engineering issues, innovation roadblocks, pricing dilemmas and ongoing customer support
  • Establish compliance and security frameworks for robust offerings
How we do it
  • Apply IndusSME’s unique engagement model to solve product development challenges in a timely, cost-effective manner
  • Leverage global corporate technology and domain expertise in US, European and Asian markets
  • Deploy optimal technology including state-of-the-art, off-the-shelf, open-source or legacy solutions
  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Enable faster go-to-market and product launches
  • Repurpose executive and technical focus on product design and product innovation
  • Acquire and implement complex technology solutions as required

* Savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

Want to know more about the technologies  we use?

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software robots to perform routine, repetitive tasks in a fraction of the time with virtually zero errors. IndusSME uses RPA to introduce automation into the organization in a quick and cost-effective manner.  In more mature organizations, we use RPAs to reengineer and automate processes.

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Examples of RPA solutions

  • Finance – invoice processing, claims processing, data entry
  •  IT – self-service with virtual bots, helpdesk, service requests, event management, access management
  • Customer care – intuitive call management, proactive updates and alerts, Chatbots, online support
  • General – document review and processing (with OCR)


  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits
  • Shrink manual errors to near zero and increase accuracy
  • Repurpose your employee talent into more profitable, strategic and innovative avenues
  • Improve customer retention and satisfaction with swift response and delivery


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) combines machine learning with deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing and cognitive computing to create a near-human intelligence. IndusSME uses AI-based solutions for technically advanced organizations with massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

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Examples of AI solutions

  • Finance – manage digital workforce, ensure data privacy and confidentiality
  • Customer management – create personal, customized experiences from acquisition, upsell and cross sell campaigns to retention


  • Grow your business with reliable workflows, predictable results and better decision support
  • Build new business models and revenue streams with deep customer insights
  • Repurpose your employee talent into more strategic and innovative areas


Machine Learning

Machine Learning builds on RPA and introduces algorithms to enable systems to automatically learn and improve, with no or limited supervision. It studies and analyzes data patterns for prediction and decision support. IndusSME uses machine learning to create industry-specific solutions for technically mature SME organizations that have to process large volumes of structured data in a timely manner.

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Examples of Machine Learning solutions

  • Marketing – understand customer interactions to predict preferences, buying behavior, disengagement
  • IT and Security – analyze network traffic, alerts for suspicious behavior, fraud detection


  • Digest voluminous data into objective, actionable information with little or no human intervention
  • Improve decision making with timely, accurate information
  • Enhance customer management, sales and customer retention, operational efficiency


Big Data and Analytics

Big data refers to very large volumes of structured and unstructured data, from a variety of sources, and often, arising at real-time which exist in organizations. Businesses often grapple with how to store, manage, analyze and convert this data into actionable information. IndusSME offers insightful strategies, tools, implementation and reporting to best exploit and leverage organizational data.

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Examples of Big Data solutions

  • Manufacturing and Operations – improve processes with integrated data from tools, machines and shop floor
  • Supply chain – optimize inventory, production and delivery for market, demand and seasonal fluctuations with up-to-date information
  • Marketing and Sales – modify offerings and services to match customer, competitive and market behavior and trends


  • Improve customer engagement and loyalty
  • Build flexibility and resilience into products and services

Fine tune your marketing efforts with data-driven programs

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