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At IndusSME, we don’t like to pin labels. Instead, we talk of the unique transformative value that our financial and technology offerings bring to our customer base, from startups to mid-sized enterprises. In addition to foundational services, we offer vertical industry-specific solutions that address the issues and opportunities in their segments.

We define our customer base by the unique value that we can bring to businesses with a workforce of up to 2000 employees, or annual revenues of USD 2B, or, with managed assets of USD 10B.

Banking, Financial Services, Asset Management and insurance

Providers in this sector contend with huge amounts of data and confidential information, paper heavy and manual processes, and shifts to online sales and customer services. Additionally, they must manage credit risk, external and macro factors, and changing government policies.

IndusSME solutions identify, create and launch new products, enhance and customize online customer experiences, and assume risk and regulatory compliance activities.


  • Create technology solutions to migrate mid-level, rural, semi-urban and community banks for higher efficiency and performance
  • Enhance core and non-core capabilities of local and regional insurance companies to compete effectively in large markets
  • Accelerate growth for mid-market private equity, venture capitalists and asset managers with innovative technology solutions

Healthcare services

Ambulatory healthcare service providers, doctors’ offices, diagnostic labs and outpatient facilities face stiff competition and consolidation threats, regulatory demands, changing healthcare payer rules and routine claim denials. These issues have only worsened in the current Covid-19 crisis.

IndusSME solutions synthesize large amounts of data, systems and patient reports, automate payer and claim processes, and, lessen your compliance burden. We allow you to focus on what is most important – provide optimum patient care.

Real Estate and Construction Services

This dynamic sector needs to be highly adaptable to the sudden changes in the economy, market and customer preferences. Providers also face challenges from dissimilar business processes, regulatory rules and regulations, and, increased execution risk, all of which impact their margins. The current pandemic has only increased these pressures.

IndusSME custom solutions are designed to transform the processes and technology in your operations, finance, customer care and workforce. The end results in greater profitability and strong growth path.


Instore, online and mobile retail providers must have a finger on the customer’s pulse at all times when it comes to trends, merchandise selection, delivery options and customer service. Moreover, online services must incorporate technology features like eWallets, digital payments and voice assistants in the front end, and virtual search, predictive analytics and search engine optimization in the back end.

IndusSME custom solutions will expand your sales and profitability with websites optimized for e-commerce, delivery and customer service. Our technology and analytics will revitalize your marketing and supply chain processes.


The manufacturing sector faces very different technology challenges than service providers – the ability to meet, customize and change production without impacting the overall manufacturing processes is at the core of their profitability. In addition, an effective solution must embrace inventory management, price estimation, shop floor control, financial management, CRM, quality management, document management and more.

IndusSME leverages the best combination of off-the-shelf ERP packages, open source software apps and tailored modules to inject optimal flexibility into your manufacturing and supply chain processes. Our easy-to-implement solutions will boost your productivity, control costs and hasten time to market.


The success of a hospitality business lies in its superior customer serviceability. It must ensure that the front office and back-office operations are efficient and glitch-free for both customer satisfaction and retention.

IndusSME tailored solutions combine technology, analytics and automation to deliver a seamless customer experience from proactive marketing and outreach to customer autonomy via mobile check-in, in-room smart technology and chat concierge services.

managed service providers

                                                                                                                                              This specialized segment adds great value by bringing the manufacturer closer to the customer with a combination of customer service, technology support and integration capabilities. These vendors must stay on top of technology trends for internal growth as well as superior customer servicing.

IndusSME offers end-to-end solutions and resources in operations, inventory management, customer care, network, cloud and data management that are designed around your requirements. Our robust offerings allow you focus your time and energy on the most important element of your business – your customer.


Startups are a fount of innovation and creativity as they usually bridge a product, technology or market gap with fresh ideas and approaches. Yet, a majority of startups fail to their promise due to lack of management and market expertise, limited access to technical support, inability to meet aggressive schedules for viable product launch, pressure to attract investors and obtain funding, and partial knowledge on startup growth and stability, among others.

IndusSME offers foundational technology and finance services allow leaders to focus on what is critical for their success – the product and market. Our product and technology professionals extend the capabilities, agility and functionality of your teams. IndusSME’s executive team provides acumen and experience to guide you to tangible results and faster profitability

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