One of the greatest pain points for our SME customers is technology: the sheer variety of available solutions, understanding how they work and their relative advantages, the manpower needed to deploy, maintain and manage can overwhelm many organizations, leading to inaction and maintaining status quo.

IndusSME Technology is tailored specifically to empower our SME customers. We assess, analyze, advise and deploy technology that will enhance and modernize your business rapidly.

What we do
  • Assess your current technology platforms, software, applications vis-à-vis your business processes and workflows
  • Evaluate and acquire optimal technology based on your specific needs, cost and ease of implementation, required support and scalability
  • Authenticate the technology solution to ensure its integration and automation capabilities in the actual working environment
  • Implement, maintain and support the technology solution
Types of technologies used
  • Off-the-shelf solutions – commercially available offerings that can be customized and integrated into the existing framework
  • Open source offerings – innovative, transparent software and apps that can be modified to solve unique customer needs
  • Native apps – specialized apps built in a specific language for Android or iOS platforms for mobile and handheld solutions
  • Reusable elements – custom IndusSME components for repeatable processes that can be dropped into system without additional rework or customization
  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Exploit the power of technology to support your business, customers and people
  • Eliminate inefficient workarounds and manually intensive activities
  • Improve overall business effectiveness with superior technology and processes

 * Savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

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