startup services

Startup services

Most startups are founded to bridge a product, technology or market gap with fresh ideas and approaches. While they are the fount of innovation and creativity, majority of startups fail to their promise. Why? It could be due to lack of management and market expertise, limited access to technical support, inability to meet aggressive schedules for viable product launch, pressure to attract investors and obtain funding, and partial knowledge on startup growth and stability, among others.

This is where IndusSME can help. Our core technology and finance services allow you to focus on what’s key to your organization – the product and market. Our product and technology professionals extend the capabilities, agility and functionality of your teams. IndusSME’s executive team provides acumen and experience to guide you to tangible results and faster profitability. 

A word about the IndusSME startup services team – we are seasoned, experienced and skilled professionals. Our authentic and pragmatic approach aims to serve our clients at their point of need and deliver speedy, effective and measurable results.

What we do
  • Core services – outsource HR, Finance, Administration functions
  • Product solutions – partner to acquire optimal technology, skills and teams to accelerate product development and commercialization
  • Technology services – tailored support for product, customer, and operations teams
  • Go-to-market – supercharge product development, operations, and customer experience teams
  • Team augmentation – reinforce your team with right type and level of skills
  • Executive guidance and support – obtain expert mentorship to shorten management learning curve
  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Enable faster go-to-market and product launches
  • Repurpose executive and technical focus on product design and product innovation
  • Acquire and implement feature sets and technology solutions
  • Avail and implement sound management and technical expertise

* Savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

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