Security is critical in today’s world where data, networks and people are vulnerable to ever increasing cyber threats. Often, SME do not have extensive IT and security capabilities, making them defenseless and exposed against malevolent attacks. Additionally, more employees are working remotely than ever – this requires additional levels of protection and confidentiality, both for organizations and customers.

IndusSME Security is created by seasoned security executives to ensure the cyber safety of technology solutions, business operations and the organization’s intellectual property.

What we do
  • Establish a robust security architecture with end-to-end solutions for data, network and users
  • Develop, acquire and roll out security hardware and software, ensure IT and network infrastructure readiness
  • Set up employee, partner and contractor security policies, documentation and governance
  • Launch stringent monitoring, upgrade and patch management
  • Initiate data loss and fraud prevention and employee training programs


  • Inspire and retain confidence in customers with robust data and product security
  • Ensure the safety of data, customers and employees against cyber theft
  • Leverage the experience and security expertise of trusted C-level cyber executives and trained specialists

43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small and medium businesses.

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