Our Competencies – OPERATIONS


Operational Competencies

IndusSME takes a holistic approach to combine finance,  technology and operations to amplify our customer’s organizational efficiency at process, functional, project and organization levels.

We examine, analyze and resolve overlapping functions, duplicated efforts, convoluted processes and workflows that hamper visibility and accurate measurement, all within the framework of internal goals and external results.

What we do
  • Identify and map processes and functions for a clear view of client environment
  • Ensure a sound foundation of reengineered processes supported by optimal technology and security standards
  • Understand, measure and monitor end-to-end processes at project, functional and organization levels
  • Enhance quality programs with better productivity tools and feedback systems to implement changes
  • Improve visibility into operations and profitability at micro- and macro- levels
  • Set sound standards for valuation of tangible and intangible results
  • Gain immediate and reliable metrics on project time, cost, discount, savings and return on investment (ROI) analyses
  • Track and access reporting at project, functional and organizational levels
  • Identify areas for cost savings and performance improvement
  • Establish a system for continuous improvement and quality enhancement
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