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Small and midsized enterprises (SME) are the backbone of our economy and a source of much innovation. But often, they are hampered by inadequate resources, knowledge gaps, partial competencies and limited access to latest technology. As a result, they are unable to compete effectively when it comes to market entry, product launch and profit maximization.

This is where IndusSME comes in.

We created our offerings based on two principles: first, give SME big company technology advantages, without any of the shortcomings; second, boost SME agility and innovation to compete successfully.

Our integration, automation and digitalization offerings are designed to deliver on these two promises. Very simply, these offerings aggregate information from business operations, enable multiple systems to talk to each other, automate repetitive tasks, and, ensure data and systems access on multiple devices. Of course, all of this is done within a safe, secure framework.


IndusSME Integration streamlines disparate systems, software, applications, processes and data into one consistent entity. It allows users to access, use, operate, connect and communicate with ease and clarity.

IndusSME offers two types of integration solutions – data and application.


Data integration merges different data streams from the operations, business processes and technology to create a single, accurate and reliable repository of information.

Application integration combines myriad applications operating in silos, technical work-arounds and manual heavy processes into a single, cohesive and actionable system.

  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Generate greater productivity in your operations and technology areas
  • Drive faster, sound data-backed decisions
  • Leverage the experience and expertise of trusted specialists

* Savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

All data in place. 

Every app in sync.

Ready, reliable info at your fingertips.


IndusSME Automation provides solutions to perform repetitive, easily replicated, low-value add tasks without any human intervention.

Based on your specific need and environment, we use off-the-shelf or custom software in combination with advanced technologies like Robotics Process Automation (RPA), machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a custom solution.

We ensure practical project success by collaborating closely with your business, technology and security teams.

Stages of engagement

An automation engagement with IndusSME progresses in four stages;

  • Understand the end-to-end process, identify repetitive tasks, map people and technology involved in the process
  • Develop a reengineering plan with effective approach, optimal software, data sources, IT and security factors
  • Build, test and launch automated process
  • Monitor, measure and modify for uncover further automation opportunities using AI and machine learning
  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Reduce process steps, inefficient workarounds and manual errors
  • Repurpose your employee talent into more profitable, strategic and innovative avenues

* Savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

Less is more.

Less busy work.

More added value.


Today’s world has gone digital.

Though, digitalization has become essential for today’s businesses, many SME are wary of the time, cost and effort needed to undertake this endeavor. IndusSME Digitalization is designed to help you navigate the digital world, no matter where you are on the adoption curve.

IndusSME offers a wide range of solutions to move your business smoothly into the digital age.

Our technical expertise in Robotics Process Automation (RPA), machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain technology, big data and analytics will help you thrive in an ever changing world.

Stages of Digitalization

Stage 1: SME are operating in a manually intensive, paper-heavy setting. Employees increasingly require reliable data access on computers, phones and tablets, especially for remote working. IndusSME solutions will move you swiftly to a digital data and access environment. 

Stage 2: SME want to use digital technologies and online channels to create new revenue streams, drive customer interactions and sophisticated reporting. IndusSME solutions will integrate your processes, technology and systems within a sound security framework.

Stage 3: SME aspire to move to total digitalization, transforming their organizations with customer–centric digital platforms and automation. This requires a complete rethinking of business, product and market models. IndusSME custom, end-to-end solutions will power digital transformation and resiliency.

  • Realize immediate cost and time benefits – typical savings start at 25%*
  • Transition to digital mode with minimal disruption
  • Exploit technology to grow your business, customers and people
  • Future proof your organization

* Savings can vary depending on client size, industries, services provided.

Access your data. 

Every app in sync.

Ready reliable info at your fingertips.

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