Global Capability Center




The COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, though catastrophic on many levels, has also created a unique opportunity for new business models and applications. While outsourcing and global facilities are not new, organizations now need a higher level of capabilities, service availability and partnerships that drive and sustain growth, resilience and innovation. Enter a new generation of Global Capability Center (GCC).

IndusSME’s Global Capability Center (GCC) supercharges organizations with talent, infrastructure and shared services, centers of excellence – all within a framework of flexible operating models.

Our Services

Talent. We acquire, train and manage the right set of people and teams to handle all your back office, customer contact, business support, risk management and compliance functions.

Infrastructure and shared services. We provide IT, product development, and financial technologies to lead, augment and manage your operations seamlessly. Our networks have in-built security, reliability and analytics to give real-time insights.

Center of Excellence. Our experienced product and application development, automation and digital transformation, data solutions and analytic teams are honed to enhance your innovation, productivity and efficiency initiatives.

  • Realize deep benefits from cost savings, digital transformation and innovation
  • Enhance organization resilience with stable infrastructure and trained workforce availability
  • Ensure seamless service continuity and efficiency for internal and external customers
  • Improve productivity as a result of better technologies, tools and processes
  • Repurpose existing employee talent into more profitable, strategic and innovative avenues
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