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One of the greatest pain points for our clients is exploitation of technology, whether it is for cyber security, managing data or upshifting in a digital world. The sheer variety of available solutions, understanding how they work and their relative advantages, the manpower needed to deploy, maintain and manage can overwhelm many organizations, leading to inaction and maintaining status quo.

Our digital solutions are tailored specifically to empower our customers. We assess, analyze, advise and deploy technology that will augment and modernize your business rapidly.


Digitalization and Data Solutions


While digitalization has become essential for today’s businesses, many organizations are wary of the time, cost and effort needed to undertake this endeavor. IndusSME has designed an array of solutions to help our customers navigate the digital world, no matter where they are on the adoption curve.

Many organizations are overwhelmed by data management – how to store, access, maintain and exploit it effectively. IndusSME’s data solutions integrate and synchronize disparate data from siloes, operational areas and functional applications to create a unified, consistent framework for reporting and decision making. 

Our Services

Digitalization Solutions

  • Migration to a cloud environment with website and mobile apps, conversion to digital/online processes and deployment
  • Integration of processes, technologies and systems within a sound security framework with APIs to merge disparate software applications; micro-services, automation and RPA; and intelligent interfaces and smart workflows for greater efficiency and performance
  • Automation with custom solutions using data analytics, AI, machine learning and others to power digital transformation and resiliency

Data Solutions and Analytics

  • Data management to collect, modernize and maintain organizational data
  • Data access to ensure that all users have access to unified, reliable and consistent data
  • Data privacy and security to safeguard corporate, user, customer and partner information
  • Reporting and analytics using AI and open-source tools to deliver on-demand insights, intelligence and scorecards
  • Exploit technology to grow your business, customers and people
  • Future proof your organization
  • Leverage our large company experience and domain expertise to better position for success



Security is critical in today’s world where data, networks, websites, applications and people are vulnerable to ever increasing cyber threats. The all-time high demand for mobile, web-based, and virtual products has also increased security risks. Add to this mix, the compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Cybercrimes such as cross-site-scripting, phishing, denial of service and ransomware are becoming common.  Many of these events are due to outdated security practices, outmoded equipment and subpar policy adherence, especially in the hybrid workplace.

All this calls for additional levels of protection and confidentiality for businesses, their intellectual property, employees and customers. However, many organizations are often defenseless and exposed as they may not have extensive IT and security expertise and/or needed manpower. This is where we come in.

IndusSME offers Cybersecurity Remediation Services and DefendUS, our unified security platform, to deliver proactive protection of your entire ecosystem.

Our Services
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing rapidly evaluates environments, identifies potential risks, tests exploitable vulnerabilities, and recommends a quick remediation path to safeguard your organization against multiple attacks.
  • Product Security Assurance assesses existing platforms, architecture, and languages, examines and analyzes static and manual codes for security gaps, and recommends strategies and training to inject security early into your product development cycles. 
  • Compliance and Risk Management reviews company-wide policies, processes, and procedures vis-à-vis applicable standards like GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001-2013, PCI-DSS and others and prescribes effective paths for your organizational readiness, compliance and governance needs.
  • Engage flexibly based on project size and scope, required services and delivery timing
  • Leverage expertise of CISOs and proficient, certified teams with years of experience in security testing, product development and compliance
  • Exploit advanced, industry best tools for rapid, reliable results
  • Obtain current state reports, remediation paths and recommendations for effective, immediate security coverage
  • Deploy security training, awareness and refresher programs for executives, technical staff and employees


Download Indussme our Cyber Security brochure.

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